Psychosomatic Medicine and General Practice 2018-12-13T09:43:37+00:00 Olena Khaustova (Олена Олександрівна Хаустова) Open Journal Systems Psychosomatic Medicine and General Practice (PMGP) is electronic open-access medical journal. It covers such medical disciplines as psychosomatics, psychiatry, medical psychology, psychotherapy, neurology, therapy and general practice Markers of receptivity-resistance of origin somatoform disorders in young people 2018-12-13T09:41:33+00:00 Iryna Leshchyna Tatyana Mozgova <p>This is a conference abstract from the "Psychosomatic Medicine Of The XXI Century: Realities And Perspectives" Congress. It is dedicated to the markers of receptivity-resistance of origin somatoform disorders in young people</p> 2018-12-11T10:59:50+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Evaluation of the quality of life of patients who use alcohol with harmful effects and have somatic complaints in primary medical care 2018-12-13T09:43:37+00:00 Victoria Salden <p>This is a conference abstract from the "Psychosomatic Medicine Of The XXI Century: Realities And Perspectives" Congress. It is dedicated to the evaluation of the&nbsp;quality of life of patients who use alcohol with harmful effects and have somatic complaints in primary medical care.</p> 2018-12-10T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Role of stress risk in development and course of cerebrovascular pathology 2018-12-05T12:20:18+00:00 Inna Romanivna Mukharovska Marianna Markova Tetiana Yavorska <p><strong>The aim</strong> of research was to evaluate peculiarities of the influence of stress risk factors (behavioral and psychoemotional) in patients with cerebrovascular pathology (CVP) in the dynamics of its development as targets of psychological help.</p> <p><strong>Materials and methods. </strong>The study involved 122 patients with cardiovascular disease with high risk of development CVP – group 1 (G1), 134 patients with clinical manifestations of CVD in form of transient ischemic attacks (TIA) in history – group 2 (G2) and 127 patients who had an ischemic stroke (IS) – group 3 (G3). As a comparison group (CG) observed 47 conditionally healthy persons with no risk or signs of CVP, verified by clinical and laboratory studies. To study the potential stress factors, the Boston Stress Test used with a modification of scoring scales.</p> <p><strong>Results </strong>A high level of stress in the G1-3 was diagnosed, which prognostically indicated about a significant risk for the development of somatic and psychic changes in patients with CVD (34,9±11,7 points in G1, 37,1±11,9 points in G2 and 37,4±12,0 points in G3, p=0,201), whereas in the CG the stress potential was lower (27,7±12,8 points). The correlation between behavioral and psychoemotional stress components showed that in patients with CVP was a higher level of behavioral stress-potentiating factors (18.0±6.1 points versus 17.0±6.1 points, p&lt;0.001), and in patients with IS – psycho-emotional (16,8±5,1 points versus 20,6±7,42 points, p&lt;0,001). While in persons with TIA and CG – in the formation of stress disorders acts the both behavioral and psycho-emotional components (18,3±6,2 and 18,8±6,3 points, p=0,095 in G2, 13,8±6,5 and 13,9±6,8 points, p=0,81).</p> <p><strong>Conclusions.</strong> The higher level of stress, the influence of a wide range of stress-potentiating factors, especially psycho-emotional genesis, in patients with cardiovascular risk and CVD, suggest the need to developing, organizing and implementing psychological measures for this contingent of patients based on a health-centered approach.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2018-12-05T12:08:19+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Clinical case: short-term CBT of mixed anxiety-depressive disorder 2018-12-13T09:41:32+00:00 Sofiia Ivanivna Lahutina <p>Epidemiological studies indicate that anxiety and depressive disorders are the most common mental health problems, without timely and effective help, they can have a pronounced negative impact on the quality of life of a person.&nbsp;Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most researched and effective psychotherapeutic methods for treating depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, eating disorders, and many others.&nbsp;The purpose of this article is to show the effectiveness of short-term cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy of mixed anxiety and depressive disorder.&nbsp;The clinical case presented in this article illustrates a person whose mental disorder caused somatic symptoms, reduced life&nbsp;quality.&nbsp;The introduction of cognitive-behavioral therapy in national protocols of treatment of mental disorders will improve the quality of life, facilitate faster re-socialization and rehabilitation of patients.</p> 2018-11-29T08:25:04+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Criteria for limited sanity for individuals that committed a sexual assault 2018-12-13T09:41:32+00:00 Elena Kozerackaya <p>The results of scientific research conducted within the framework of the doctoral thesis "Forensic psychiatric evaluation of persons who have committed sexual criminal offenses". For the purposes of the study the author analyzed 286 cases of forensic psychiatric examinations regarding the subject, who committed the sexual offense and were at the forensic psychiatric examination in Kiev city center forensic psychiatric examination in 2000 to 2016 (16 years). To determine the relationship between the degree of opportunities to realize their actions and manage the solution and expert author on the group - "responsibility" - was empirically selected group - "limited responsibility", which was formed artificially, based on the national concept of "limited responsibility". Revealed that the identified socio-demographic and clinicals in this scientific research&nbsp; can be to determine critera "limited &nbsp;responsibility" in forensic psychiatric examinations&nbsp; persons who have committed sexual offenses .</p> 2018-11-24T15:37:47+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##